Sunday, March 3, 2013


Barcelona was the one place I knew I wanted to go while living in Italy.  I went with my best friend Jenna just for the weekend and it was a blast.  We arrived early on Friday morning and thought we would be ok since we had both taken years of spanish in high school.  But when we went into a little shop to get breakfast we quickly realized that we were way out of our league.  The language that is spoke in Barcelona is Catalan not spanish, they are alike but different enough where we could not communicate easily.  Park Güell was the one place specifically in Barcelona that I wanted to see and it was nothing short of what I imagined.  I could sit in that park and enjoy the view for days and days.  I hope to go back someday maybe after I graduate, but for now I will just be traveling to Barcelona in my dreams!

Park Güell

The view was amazing!

Antoni Gaudí's house

Sagrada Família


Casa Milà
Casa Batlló
The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria

Columbus Monument

Quite a large prawn!
The harbor
Made it to the beach!

Amazing sand sculpture
Jenna (left) and I

La Rambla

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