Thursday, February 14, 2013


One Sunday my friend and I decided to go watch a joust. I have heard of jousts but never imagined they still went on today or that I would go to one!  The city of Arezzo was divided into four different neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood would compete against each other in the joust. The joust is called  "Joust of the Saracens" it dates back to the Middle Ages.  We didn't know a lot about each neighborhood so we picked based on color!  Overall it was so fun and crazy between the chants and flags! It happens twice a year, once in the fall (September) and once in the spring (June), if you are ever in Arezzo I recommend it! It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. 

Town Square
The different neighborhood banners
A wedding on the day of the joust!
A full view before the joust takes place

Inside a beautiful church
The Alter
The streets were so crowded!
Gelato break! Still the best Gelato to this day
I have had it was salted carmel
Inside another church
Beautiful stained glass
Classic Italy
We found an antiques market while walking around before the Joust started

Amazing view from the antique market on the hill

Amazing selection of antique cameras!

The parade through town started!

My neighborhood!

We nicknamed this neighborhood the christmas neighborhood
 because the colors were green and red!

It begins!
Some of the rowdy teen crowd!
The kings and queens marching in!
The crowd chanting
My neighborhood ended up losing! The christmas
 colored neighborhood won!

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