Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Something between yesterday and today click with me.
Why hold myself back from what I want to do because of fears I have that are pretty irrational and are most likely worst case scenarios..... life is to short

I think I am going to start a youtube channel.

The idea has always been interesting to me
I love photography and film way before youtube and instagram became a thing
Back in 2008 when i first started watching youtube I wanted to make a channel but held back because all the videos I would watch. The comment sections would be a battlefield quite literally of mean comments people left, then people commenting back on behalf of the youtuber and random people butting in.  It was chaos! Someone must be crazy to subject themselves to the hate that is spread online.
Today in 2015 youtube has made a lot of changes to the comment section, banning spam and trying to ban hate.
Maybe now I will feel comfortable enough to embark into the wonderful world of youtube....

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